Looking forward to an exciting conference! 2005/5/27

Hi, all members of Chan's Circle,

I'm looking forward to an exciting conference, CSCL2005.
I'm very pleased with all the work done by you on preparing this event.
Ben, especially, you have been doing a fabulous job and indeed is an excellent PRODUCT of Chan's circle.

A number of new students when they approached me recently and asked me what I expect from them. I summarize what I said,

1. Hard working
2. Teamwork;
3. Resilience
4. Leadership

For hard working, I mean I'm especially demanding.
I want them to finish the task COMPLETELY and THOROUGHLY. Of course they should seek help when face difficulty, but in a reasonable way and be considerate for others.
They can go to find other professors if they want easier life.

For resilience, I mean they will face many challenges, failures and frustration, especially I may have negative opinion on them on their performance at times, but they can recover and come back quickly.

For teamwork, I mean I don't want anyone in our team who may
a) be selfish;
b) have not finished his/her assigned task and passed to others (everyone has his/her load, maybe heavier than you)
c) think himself/herself to have special privilege over others.

For leadership, I mean they can be able to care about others, help others to develop themselves, have followers, be able to form a team to work on a special task, but do not make any SMALL CIRCLES or boundaries among people.

So I hope you can be reminded by what I said above in this extraordinary busy week.